Inter-Regional Partnerships

” Registration of businesses and innovative activities in the territory of Tirana District ” project, which aims at defining the areas where the main forecast to intervene with development projects and investments using internal resources as well as external funds for innovation . Identification and listing in electronic format with the possibility of updating their permanent establishing contacts provides subsequent possibility of creating a network of innovation at regional level and stimulate him.

Through the process of ” updating topographic coffee that Xhafa , village Ibe , Berzhite ” will be performed covering the area above the topographic map . Development of topographic mapping will provide an accurate representation of setting the properties. This will help equip residents with ownership card .

Realization of a study indispensable is that of the ” addition of Olive , nut trees and orchards in the municipality Sinaballaj ” for specification of crops by zones and conditions klimatiko – terrestrial thing that will give a powerful impetus development of agriculture in the area and profiling hers.

Near Regional Council Tirana is created Unit for the Rights of Children starting from December 2011 .

We dated 04/04/2012 Tirana County Council signed a cooperation agreement with the United Nations Fund for Children ( UNICEF ) in the framework of a joint project on “Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the rights of children in the district Tirana.