Qarku Tirane

Successfully closed the 10th edition of the National Folk Festival

Published at : 13/11/2015 - 11:51

It was closed successfully and in an extraordinary atmosphere of the 10th edition of the National Folk Festival of Gjirokastra 2015 with victory in Tirana District.

In a marathon intangible heritage in 12 counties, contacts, meetings, surveys, auditions and concerts communes and municipalities attended by about 7.230 bearers of folklore among which about 1,600 children and young people who took the selection of the first phase the committees established at the district who brought concerts from communes and municipalities at the regional level. From 10 to 16 May more than 1,700 competitive in all genres and from all regions and from Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro took part in the biggest race of folklore.

Prices allocated Tirana Region were:

First Price: Tirana County

Cup Festival, Ensemble Tirana County

They were nominated as best materials within the ensemble of the District of Tirana:

1.Llazoret (pagan ritual), the oldest text which was interpreted by a group of men, Kashar commune

2 "Bastarçja old" men's doubles dance highlands of Tirana, executed by John and Husayn Nuri Pera, Zall-Bastar commune.

3.Këngë Cradle (Lullaby) sung by Hanke Bajramaj, Krrabë commune.