The county is an administrative unit composed of several districts with the same traditions and customs , and are bordering each other .
District competencies are broader than those of the Prefecture . County road maintenance care , civil emergencies , donor projects , etc .

Under the law of 2000 to improve local government , local authorities exercise their activities in accordance with the principle of autonomy , liaising with the central government . Local government bodies are legal persons to ensure continuity of government by Municipalities , Communes and Regions. Counties , representing administrative and territorial units comprising several communes and municipalities that have geographic , tradition , economic and social , as well as common interests . The districts are subdivisions regions. Organization and functioning of local government is comprised of two levels.

County belongs to the second level of local government.


1. Functions of District are developing and implementing regional policies and their harmonization with state policies at regional level , as well as any other exclusive function given by law .

2. The region exercises all functions that are assigned by one or more administrative units of municipalities within its territory , under an agreement between the parties .

3. The County shall perform those functions delegated by the central government , according to the principles enshrined in Article 12 of Law 8652 dated 31.07.2000 " On the Organization and Functioning of Local Government" ( amended )

4. County with the population greater is Tirana County with nearly a million people , 1/3 of the total population of the country