The overall vision of the Regional Council

• County Council is a key actor in the process of European integration of the country

• Cooperation and interregional , an important factor for sustainable growth

• Strategic planning , sound foundation for a sustainable regional development

Administration Mission Regional Council

County Council through his administration , builds and implements regional development policies and ensure their alignment with state policies at the regional level by serving as a coordinator between the central government and the basic units of local government , municipalities and communes . Guarantees local self-government in accordance with the requirements of the European Charter of Local Autonomy . There main goal fulfillment as better to the needs and requirements of the communities concerned, through its reaching a level as high services, the benefit of a balanced regional development with the ultimate aim high standards of quality of life in the territory under administration .

Implementation of the mission carried out by implementing the following objectives:

1. Promoting sustainable development in the territory of the county regional based on :

a) strategic planning

b ) creating partnerships for development

c ) promotion of inter and intraregional

d ) investments in infrastructure

2.Set the capacities of local government units to meet the challenges of European Integration

3.Improve services offered to the public and ensuring good governance

4. Improve the role of the region and its constituent units , at international level , in the process of European integration .