Tirana Regional Council was part of the discussions at the INTERREG MED Program for Strategic Project Workshop, in Marseille France

Published at : 23/04/2019 - 22:29

As part of the first call launch for strategic projects, the Interreg MED Program held an application seminar on 4th of April, in Marseille (France). The aim of the seminar was to present modalities of the in call participation.
This call is limited to the structures identified between the PANORAMED project partners and the National Program Authorities.
The seminar was open to public institutions or public equivalent bodies. The Regional Council of Tirana was represented by the deputy chairwoman, Ms.Bora Panajoti.
The main focus of the seminar was to open discussion on how to organize effective partnerships, by managing resources and being timely efficient.
Subject of discussion were: Who are the potential partners? Start the networking phase to build a strong proposal, etc.